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Pre Settlement Funding for Soft Tissue Cases

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Finding a pre-settlement funding company offering soft tissue injury lawsuit pre-settlement loans for personal injury clients can be challenging. In 2018, the number of funding companies that advance settlement loans for clients who have suffered soft tissue injuries have greatly diminished. The vast majority of lawsuit lenders are only interested in advancing lawsuit loans for plaintiffs who have suffered broken bones or undergone surgery. We take a different approach when it comes to lawsuit funding for soft tissue injury cases.

Nirvana Lawsuit Funding is currently able to provide soft tissue injury lawsuit pre-settlement loans for injured accident victims nationwide. A "soft tissue injury" is injury related to the soft tissues of the body (muscle, tendon, ligament and nerve). The most common soft tissue injuries consist of sprains, strains, and contusions.

How much money you can get before your soft tissue case settles is determined by the specific injuries you have sustained and the frequency of your medical treatment. As with all pre-settlement funding application, soft tissue injuries cases for lawsuit funding consideration will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the information our underwriter receives from your attorney, we can offer pre-settlement lawsuit funding on your soft tissue injury case from $1,000 up to $100,000.

Personal loans offer by banks should not be mistaken with lawsuit loans provided by pre-settlement funding companies. Pre-settlement loans advance cash to clients in the midst of an injury claim. There's no credit check, no upfront fees, and no cost to apply for financial assistance. Another benefit of a pre-settlement loans is that you do not make any monthly payments until you get the money from your pending lawsuit. You attorney will repay the settlement advancement after the case is finished.

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Pre-Settlement Funding Companies Perspective on Soft Tissue Injury Loans

Nirvana Lawsuit Funding receives a significant number of requests daily from personal injury victims nationwide seeking lawsuit loans for soft tissue injury cases. Providing cash advances during the litigation process helps seriously injured claimants get the money need to weather the financial storm until they obtain sufficient pain and suffering compensation from the insurance company of the negligent party. It's our extensive experience handling soft tissue cases that separates our pre-settlement funding firm from others companies.

Pre-settlement funding companies are in the business of investing money in pending injury cases by providing advances in cash for plaintiffs during the legal claim process. Lawsuit loans are nothing like personal loans offered by traditional financial institutions. A lawsuit loan does not require the potential borrower undergo a credit check, and the cash advance is paid by only is the claim is successful. If case does not settle, the claimant pays nothing. The pre-settlement advance is paid back with fee only if the case is resolved by settlement, verdict, or award.

Similar to law firms, legal funding companies make money only if the case resolves with payout. In an ideal situation, the funder provides an accident loan to a client, the case settles, and the plaintiff’s attorney pays back the initial investment (principal) with a usage fee (interest rate) from the proceeds of the settlement. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way. Although funding companies can make comfortable returns, certain types of cases present a higher risk of investors. Soft-tissue case can present a huge challenge for lenders not experienced in soft-tissue damage evaluation.

Going back 10 years, insurance companies throughout the United States have taken an aggressive stance when it comes to how they handle and respond to soft tissue injury claims. It's no secret that insurer get touch with soft tissue cases by routinely denying soft tissue bodily injury claims in states that have "serious injury" threshold requirements. And in states without a monetary or verbal threshold, insurance claims adjusters are notorious for financially pressuring claimants into accepting low-ball settlement offers.

Soft-tissue injuries include injuries to your muscles, tendons, or ligaments. Abrasions and contusions fall into this category of injuries, as do sprains, strains, minor burns, disc bulging, and herniated discs that do not require surgery. You may experience mild to moderate pain and discomfort as a result of symptoms like swelling and bruising. Some soft-tissue injuries, especially herniated disks or bulging vertebrae, can cause extreme pain.

Soft tissue injuries are difficult to document medically, adequately proving the claims can be challenging. Whiplash doesn’t show up on an X-ray in the same way a fractured bone does. There is no medical evaluation that can accurately gauge and medically prove your back pain.

Even in cases of clear liability, insurance companies are directing their adjusters to make low initial settlement offers in soft tissue cases involving low-speed crashes and minor vehicle damage.

Well aware that insurance carriers are vigorously defending personal injury lawsuits involving accident victims suffering soft tissue injuries, pre-settlement funding companies have generally decided to minimize their exposure by staying away from investing in soft tissue injury lawsuit.

The good news for personal injury victims seeking pre-settlement advances on soft tissue cases is that there are still a handful of lawsuit funders nationwide that provide soft tissue injury lawsuit loans on soft tissue cases.


Learn If Your Lawsuit Qualifies for A Soft Tissue Pre-Settlement Funding

Nirvana Lawsuit Funding provides soft tissue injury pre-settlement funding for many types of injury cases. After a devastating injury, you may be faced with missed time from work and insufficient income. When you find yourself short of cash while your attorney is negotiating a soft tissue damage settlement with the insurance company, you can take out a settlement advance on a portion of your potential soft tissue injury settlement to access the cash you need to pay your bills until you recover financial compensation from your personal injury case.

Here are the simple eligibility requirements for qualifying for soft-tissue injury lawsuit loan through Nirvana Legal Funding for cash advance before your case settles:

Minimum age of 18 years or older

The injured party lives in United States.

You have a workers' comp claim, personal injury or automobile injury case.

You hired an attorney to represent you and file a legal case

You are considering a pre-settlement advance to help pay your bills, medical treatment costs, or living expenses.


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Common Soft Tissue Injuries Considered for Funding

Nirvana can consider advancing settlement loans for all accident injuries including, disc herniation, sprains, whiplash, lower back injury, neck injuries, contusion, wrist injuries, car accident injuries, shoulder injuries, head injury, knee injuries, and all other types of soft tissue injuries, whether or not you underwent a surgical procedure or received interventional pain management treatment such as epidural steroid injections or nerve block injections.

A significant number of cases we review for funding consideration include the following types of injuries:

  • Whiplash
  • Back strains and sprains
  • Torn ligaments in the knees, shoulders and ankles
  • Contusions
  • Neck Injury
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Tenosynovitis
  • Myofascial pain (myalgia)

Nirvana Lawsuit Funding provides lawsuit cash advances on soft tissue injury cases that resulted from car accidents, premises accidents, FELA railroad injuries, bus crashes, Jones Act maritime accidents, tractor trailer accidents, and motorcycle accidents. Feel free to call the legal funding department for a free phone consultation to find out if your specific case qualifies for a soft tissue case lawsuit advance.

How to Get a Cash Advance on Your Soft Tissue Injury Case

If you're ready to get started, we will guide you through the process of obtaining an advance on your soft tissue injury case. Lawsuit funding underwriting is quick and easy, the process only takes us 24 hours. To get started, all you have to do is fill in the application below. Next, we'll contact your attorney for further information about your pending injury case. Right after we receive the requested information from your law firm, we can review the information to determine exactly how much cash we can advance to you right now while you're waiting for your soft tissue payout.

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