What is the Pre-Settlement Funding Process?

Looking to apply for pre-settlement funding on your injury case? Find out how pre-settlement funding loans work and how you can apply now. Learn the step by step process of applying for pre-settlement funding from the experts. Whatever you're looking to take out a lawsuit loan to pay bills or cover living expenses, there are a variety of pre-settlement funding options to choose from.

It can take a long time to recover fair financial compensation from a pending civil case. Whether claim settlement, jury verdict, judgment, or damages award, personal injury cases don't settle quickly. Depending on the type of case and the venue, you may have to wait years until you get the settlement money you deserve for your pain and suffering. When the bills start to pile up and you don't have sufficient income to cover your financial obligation, waiting years to pay your bills can result in financial devastation.

Pre-settlement funding is the fast, hassle-free financial solution for clients in need of cash during the stages of a lawsuit. With a pre-settlement advance, you get the cash you urgently need to pay your bills and stay afloat until your attorney settles your cases or wins maximum compensatory damages from the person or business responsible for causing you injury and financial damages.

Our national pre-settlement funding company make the process of easy for clients looking to take out a personal loan to pay their bills and cover unexpected financial expenses before their case is resolved. Here are the simple steps in the process to get pre-settling funding

Am I Eligible to Apply for Pre Settlement Funding

If you meet the simple eligibility requirements for qualifying for a pre-settlement funding, you can apply now to get the cash that you need to tide you over until you get the money from your settlement:

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Live within the United States
  • You have a pending workers compensation, personal injury, wrongful death, motor vehicle accident, or product liability case
  • You received medical treatment for your injuries
  • You hired an attorney to recovery financial compensation

Apply now if you meet the criteria for a pre-settlement loan.


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Here's the Pre-Settlement Funding Process in Five Simple Steps

Find out how a pre-settlement loan works every step of the way

Pre-settlement loans are funding options for clients seeking to borrow money against a expected lawsuit from a pre-settlement funding company in order to pay bills and cover personal expenses while waiting for the resolution of their cases.

If you meet the underwriting requirements to apply for a cash advance on your future settlement, this is what you can expect from our straightforward pre settlement funding process:

  • Apply - To get started with your request, all you have to do is call at (888) 715-8701 or apply online by filling out the short funding application form.
  • Gather some information - A lawsuit funding specialist will immediately contact your law firm to gather some additional information about your cases so we can determine how much money we can advance on your pending civil case.
  • Underwriting - The pre-settlement funding underwriter will review the information we got from your attorney. Approval is not determined by your credit score or income. The underwriter will simply review the facts and circumstances of your case. Lawsuit funding reviews typically take about 1 hour to finalize.
  • We call you - You will get a call notifying you of the underwriting decision. If you are approved for the pre-settlement advances and want to follow through, the funding agreement will be emailed to you and your attorney to review and sign. 
  • You have the cash! - The cash advance will be sent direct to you by Western Union, Wire transfer to your bank, or overnight mail delivery.

The cooperation and responsiveness of your law firm is very important in process. The faster your attorney responds to our inquiry is the sooner we can have you approved for the pre settlement cash advance you need.

To get cash now, simple apply online or call us to do an application right over the phone. Thanks.

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