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Read real pre-settlement funding reviews by customers. Unlike other companies posting fake reviews or providing financial compensation in exchange for a good editor rating, Nirvana Legal Funding has unbiased reviews written by actual clients.

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Tamara S.

I applied for pre-settlement funding through Nirvana after being denied by another company. The first lender said I was not eligible for funds now because my slip and fall accident was too recent and told me to call back in 8 week. That didn't make any sense. I called Nirvana and spoke with an underwriter who pre-approved my application right over the phone. Later that day, I got a call back letting me know my application for funding was approved. While I didn't get all the money I wanted, I appreciate all the help.

Angie B.

The people at Nirvana Legal Funding made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. It was reassuring to know that I could count on their expertise, professionalism, and honesty. I am not only grateful for the pre settlement loan but thankful for courtesy and respect they showed me. I recommended this company to anyone considering taking out loan on their lawsuit settlement.

Alex C.

I received excellent service from Andrea. She was very helpful and attentive. My only complaint is that it took 2 days for me to get the money in my bank account, even though the ad said 24 hours. I'm not sure if the delay was caused by my attorney or the company, but I needed the money a lot sooner.

Michael K.

The injuries I suffered while on the job left me unable to return to work and pay all my bills on time. While I am getting workers comp through my employer’s insurance company, wage loss replacement is only paying me a percentage of my regular salary. Things got so bad that I fell behind on my car note and the finance company had a tow company repo my truck. Luckily, the cash I received with pre-settlement funding allowed me to pay for my back payments, charges, and get caught up on my expenses. This program is really a lifesaver for clients drowning in bills. I give Nirvana two big thumbs up.

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