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Plaintiffs often experience financial hardship during the long, drawn-out litigation process. A catastrophic injury can result in a client incurring significant medical bills and overwhelming expenses. Many clients don't have many options when it comes to obtaining financial assistance during the lengthy lawsuit settlement process. Cash-strapped plaintiffs have to make a decision of whether to drown in bills or settle their case early by accepting a low settlement offer from the insurance company or defendant. Pre-settlement funding companies provide personal injury clients with better financial option. As a national pre-settlement company, we offer financial support to people with pending civil cases who find themselves in need of cash now while seeking compensatory damages.

Call to qualify for a pre-settlement cash advance on your pending lawsuit if you've hired an attorney to recover monetary compensation on your behalf and you can benefit from a pre-settlement loan of $1,000 - $100,000 while you're waiting for your lawyer to settle your case or win maximum damages award.


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Our financial organization is one of the few pre-settlement funding companies in the United States offering a full-spectrum of legal financing services for clients seeking immediate cash assistance during the stages of the litigation process.

Our superior level of lawsuit cash advance experience can't be match by most pre-settlement funding companies. We have significant experience providing pre-settlement loans for a wide variety of injury cases such as, complex motor vehicle accident cases, traumatic brain injury cases, tractor trailer accident cases, trip and fall lawsuits, workers compensation claims, product liability litigation, medical malpractice lawsuit, wrongful death claim, and more.

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