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Get a Personal Injury Loan on Your Case

A personal injury loan is a fast and simple way to get cash using your personal injury claim instead of your credit score. If you have been injured and are unable to return to work, Nirvana Legal Funding can help you borrow money against your personal injury claim. The cash you receive from personal injury funding is not a secured loan but can provide you with money to pay your living expenses, car loan payments, mortgage, rent, and other financial obligations until your personal injury claim is resolved by your accident lawyer.

The size of your personal injury loan is determined by the amount of cash you need, your case's value, and the payment you expect to receive from a future payout or awarded damages, rather than your ability to repay. As a pre-settlement funding company considerate of your best interest, our focus is on getting you as much cash as possible, at the lowest cost, and in the fastest time.

When it comes to our personal injury loans, Nirvana can make the process faster and easier. These are some of the numerous benefit of a injury loan from our financial institution:

  • No credit check
  • Receive the injury loan in as little as 24 hours
  • Pay no upfront fees
  • No income requirements
  • No out of pocket costs
  • No monthly payments
  • No-risk pre-settlement funding
  • If you lose your case or don't receive a settlement, you don't pay back the funds

When faced with mounting bills and insufficient income, you may need help now rather than later. Plaintiffs nationwide call on Nirvana for a personal injury loan from the best personal injury funding company. Injury loans by Nirvana Legal Funding can provide a portion the settlement money you expect to receive after your personal injury case is settled by your attorney. Rather than waiting years your case to settle, you receive part of your settlement today with personal injury loans!


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Numerous Benefits of Receiving a Personal Injury Settlement Loans

Personal Injury Loans.jpgIf you have suffered harm or bodily injury due to a negligent third party's act or omission, you have a legal right to receive financial compensation for the damages you have suffered.

Personal injury law allows an injured person to recover compensation from the person or business / company responsible for caused the plaintiff physical injury. There are a variety of different situations that can give rise to a personal injury claim. In any case, if someone is held liable for injuries to another person, the party at-fault for causing the damages is responsible for paying out damages in the injury claim.

While you do not need to hire an attorney to file a personal injury claim, you must have an attorney in order to be considered for a personal injury settlement loan through our company. Your personal injury lawyer will file a third party claim against the person at-fault insurance company.

Your personal injury attorney will engage in settlement negotiations with the insurance company claims adjuster after you have completed your medical treatment and all your medical records have been received from your doctor(s) and medical providers.

There may be a big gap between the time you begin receiving medical treatment for your injuries and time your attorney settles your case. With personal injury claims, reaching a settlement could take a long time. Fortunately, while you're waiting for your liability case to settle, you can consider using pre settlement funding to help pay for medical bills, car loan payments, rent, mortgage, living expenses, and more!

  • Funding to pay your rent
  • Cash to buy groceries
  • Funding to pay child care expenses
  • Cash to cover your car note
  • Money to pay your medical treatment expenses
  • Cash to alleviate the financial pressure of settlement your personal injury case early

Injured individuals pursuing a case can benefit from pre-settlement funding while they wait for a pending case to settle. The funds you receive before your case settles can help to pay for living expenses, unexpected bills, and life necessities. We advance money for car accident loans and most other personal injury loans, including wrongful death cases.

Legal Funding During Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Insurance companies often take a long time to settle personal injury claim. It’s not uncommon for client to wait years for sufficient recovery. If your attorney is unable to negotiate a fair settlement for your injuries, he / she may bring a lawsuit in court against the person or entity responsible for causing your harm. In the suit, your attorney is seeking compensation for damages such as pain and suffering, lost income, and medical bills. Suing someone in court is usually a final option since litigation time-consuming and costly.

Most personal injury lawsuits settle out of court. Settlement is faster, less expensive, and less risky. While the vast majority of personal injury litigation can potentially resolve prior to trial, you may need help before your lawsuit is over. Obtaining pre-settlement funding for your personal injury lawsuit can help you pay for your needs.

Qualifying for Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding

Personal injury lawsuit funding has provided a cash lifeline to injured lawsuit plaintiffs nationwide. If you have been harmed due to negligence or carelessness of someone else and have hired an attorney to file a personal injury suit, you qualify for lawsuit funding consideration.

To qualify for personal injury funding with pre-settlement funding, you do not have to go through a credit check since the non-recourse lawsuit loan is simply a risk-free cash advance on your pending lawsuit case.

If you meet the basis underwriting requirements to take out a personal injury claim cash advance by Nirvana Legal Funding, the determined factor for qualifying for a personal injury loan is the settlement you can potentially receive from when your case is settled by your accident attorney.

These are the five minimum eligibility qualifications:

  • The injured person is 18+
  • The injured person is a resident of the United States
  • The claimant suffered damages due to another person or business
  • The claimant receive medical treatment for the bodily injuries
  • The claimant is represented by a personal injury attorney

Pre-Settlement Loans to Personal Injury Plaintiffs

Pre-settlement loans are available to injured persons with a pending case. Nirvana Legal Funding is a national provider of pre-settlement loans to individuals pursuing personal injury cases. While the vast majority of cases we fund involve auto accident loans and other personal injury loans, Nirvana can consider all lawsuit types on a case by case basis.

Get personal injury litigation funding for slip and fall accidents, car accident cases, defective medical device claims, and soft tissue injuries by Nirvana Legal.

  • Auto
  • Bicycle
  • Bus
  • Car
  • Ceiling
  • Construction accident
  • Defective medical device
  • Dog bite
  • FELA
  • Hit and Run
  • Jones Act
  • Lyft auto accident
  • Maritime accident
  • Medical malpractice
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Pedestrian hit by car accident
  • Premises liability claim
  • Product liability lawsuit
  • Railroad Workers Injury
  • Scaffolding collapse
  • Semi-truck crash
  • Sexual assault
  • Slip and fall
  • Taxi cab accident
  • Tractor trailer
  • Train accident
  • Trip and fall injury
  • Uber car accident
  • We even offer pre-settlement for workers compensation claims
  • Wrongful death lawsuit
  • And more!

Personal Injury Case Cash Advance - Funding Nationwide

A personal injury loan is simply a cash advance on your pending case. A personal injury claim cash advance allow you to get cash against your future settlement before your case is settled, advancing funding to plaintiffs with any type of personal injury claim. We can offer a personal injury cash advance on your case in the following states: 

Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Understanding the Personal injury Funding Process in 5 Simple Steps

Our funding company will evaluate your lawsuit through a process called underwriting. The goal is to review the facts of your case and determined the compensation you can potentially receive from a settlement. There is no credit check, and we are not concerned with your personal ability to pay back the money that you borrow. This process isn't just about whether the lender will give you an injury loan.

  • Fill out the application online or call us to complete an application by phone 1-888-715-8701
  • A legal funding specialist will contact your attorney for some information about your case
  • The underwriter will review the information we received from your law firm
  • We will call you with an update
  • The money is sent directly to you

Applying for Settlement Loans While You Wait For Your Recovery

Are you ready to apply for a personal injury settlement loan? Applying for pre-settlement funding for your personal injury case is fast and simple for injured lawsuit plaintiffs. To request a cash advance before settlement of your personal injury claim, all you need to do is apply by phone (888) 715-8701 or fill out the application form online.

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