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Qualify for pre-settlement funding and get a lawsuit loan from a nationwide legal funding provider for cash now during your pending lawsuit. Borrowers can take out a lawsuit loan from $500 - $100,000, no credit check is required. There is no credit check, no fees upfront, and rather than interest, we charge a low usage rate. Best of all, you don't pay back the funds until your case is settled or you recover financial compensation for the damages you have suffered.

A lawsuit loan pre-settlement is simply a mechanism of obtaining a cash advance before your lawsuit is settled by your attorney. While banks base their lending decisions on the applicants’ credit worthiness, pre-settlement funding companies provide litigants with lawsuit loans, allowing them to borrow money against the lawsuit payout they can potentially receive as financial compensation for their damages.

  • No Credit Check Lawsuit Loans
  • No Fees Upfront
  • No Income Requirements
  • No-Risk Lawsuit Lending for Borrowers
  • No Payments Until Your Case is Resolved
  • No Repayment if You Lose, Pay Back from Proceeds of a Lawsuit Payout

Nirvana is the best lawsuit loan company for your no credit check cash finance needs. Unlike other lawsuit lenders, Nirvana offers easy and simple cash loans on lawsuits. Give us a call at (888) 715-8701 to request the loan amount you want to take out on your lawsuit money. We will work closely with your attorney to obtain some information about your case so we can determine the amount of money you can borrow against your pending lawsuit.


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The Advantages of a Lawsuit Loan

Lawsuit loan lenders.jpgA lawsuit begins by the filing of a legal claim in court against the wrongdoer. The person bringing the suit in court is referred to as the plaintiffs and the person or business whom the claim is against is called the defendant. In a personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiff is seeking financial compensation for damages resulting for negligence by a third-party.

Filing a lawsuit is only the first step in the litigation. In order to win your case, you and your attorney must prove by a preponderance of evidence that the defendant was negligent and the negligence  caused or contributed to the injury.

Personal injury litigation is a long, drawn out process. Often, plaintiffs have to wait years for their personal injury claim to settle. Between the time your attorney files lawsuit to the time your claim is settled, you still need money to meet your day to day financial obligations. When a serious injury has left you unable to return to work and your income is insufficient to pay the bills, waiting on the money from a lawsuit can be difficult. Fortunately, injured plaintiffs can turn to lawsuit loans from pre-settlement funding for a fast lawsuit cash advance.

The benefits of taking out a lawsuit loan on your case are numerous. In addition to providing you with funds to pay your bills, a Nirvana financial cash lifeline gives you the wherewithal to continue in your legal fight against the insurance company or business to collect maximum award for your pain and suffering damages. Below are a few of the many usages of a Nirvana lawsuit loan:

  • Pay your Rent
  • Catch up on Bills
  • Cover your Car Loan Payments
  • Buy Groceries
  • Pay your Auto Insurance
  • Make Mortgage Payments
  • Cover Automotive Repairs
  • Pay Funeral Expenses
  • Cover Unexpected Financial Emergency
  • Pay your Surgery Needs

Don't allow the lack of funds force you into taking a low personal injury settlement offer from the insurance company or self-insured defendant. The cash from lawsuit loans can empower you to reject the low-ball offer and give your attorney additional time to negotiate a larger settlement or prepare your case for trial.


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Lawsuit Funding Available for Many Type of Cases

Nirvana Legal Funding, the nationwide provider of lawsuit funding can advance lawsuit loans for almost any type of case. Lawsuits arising out of negligence and workplace accidents are our specialty. Whether you currently have a defective medical device lawsuit, wrongful death claim, or an auto accident case, we have the litigation funding experience and resources to fund your lawsuit. Please see the list below to view our areas of specialization:


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Qualifying for a Lawsuit Loan

At Nirvana Legal Funding, it is very simple qualifying for a lawsuit loan on your case. Here are the minimum eligibility requirements for a settlement loan on your lawsuit: You are 18 + years of age. You live in the U.S. You have hired a lawyer to file a legal claim. You have a negligence lawsuit or workers compensation claim.

Reputable pre-settlement funding companies loan money to lawsuit plaintiffs based on the merits of the underlying case. As lawsuit lenders, we are not concerned with your credit score or ability to repay the lawsuit loan. Our pre-settlement funding underwriter will simply review the facts of your case. Based on our valuation of your lawsuit and the payout we believe you can recover at the end of your case, we will offer cash now in exchange for a portion of your lawsuit winnings.


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Pre Settlement Lawsuit Loan Process

See the entire pre-settlement lawsuit loan application process from start to finish with step-by-step pictures. Find out what happens after you apply.

The application process for a lawsuit loans pre-settlement has been streamlined. You can apply online or over the phone. Our lawsuit loan underwriter will call your attorney to request some information concerning your case. The underwriter will estimate the current value of your case in order to determine the loan amount you can take out on your lawsuit settlement. We call you and let you know the amount of have been approved to borrow with a lawsuit settlement loan.


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Apply for Lawsuit Loans Pre-Settlement

Applying for a lawsuit loan is fast and free. To get started, fill out our quick and easy online application today! Simply call us at (888) 715-8701 or fill out the application form online.

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Cases We've Funded

Auto Accident Lawsuit Settlement


When an auto accident has left you injured and unable to work, NLF auto accident lawsuit funding provides instant relief. Auto accident lawsuit loans allow you to obtain cash now until your lawsuit is settled, helping you pay the bills.

Defective Medical Device Lawsuit Settlement


Defective medical device lawsuit loans cover victims implanted by a faulty equipment while they wait for their class action lawsuit to settle. Plaintiffs injured by a defective medical device can now turn to lawsuit loans from Nirvana Legal Funding for a cash advance on their defective medical device case.

Dog Bite Lawsuit Settlement


If a dog attack has left you injured, you have a legal right to sue the animal’s owner for medical costs and damages. While you’re waiting to recover compensation, our pre-settlement funding company can loan money to you today by providing you with a cash advance against your dog bite case.

FELA Lawsuit Settlement


Nirvana is the best funding source for FELA lawsuit loans. In many cases, injured railroad workers have to wait years to get money from a FELA railroad settlement. If you were hurt while working on the railroad and need financial support during the FELA claim process, Nirvana Legal Funding can provide you with pre-settlement funding for your FELA railroad claim.

Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit Settlement


If you were hit by a car and have hired an attorney to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver seeking financial compensation for medical bills and damages, consider applying for pre-settlement lawsuit funding for a cash advance on your pedestrian accident injury case.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlement


Nirvana Legal Funding offers low interest personal injury lawsuit loans to plaintiffs waiting on money from a personal injury claim settlement over a car accident, slip and fall, and other type of injury cases.

Premises Liability Lawsuit Settlement


Premises liability lawsuit loans protect people injured in a premises liability accident by helping them obtain cash on their pending case. If you suffered damages due to property owner negligence, Nirvana Legal Funding can provide you with financial support during your premises liability case.

Slip and Fall Lawsuit Settlement


Nirvana Legal Funding specializes in slip and fall lawsuit funding. In order to win your slip and fall claim, you must be able to prove the property owners' liability. When a slip and fall injury has left you unable to work, you can take out a lawsuit loan against your slip and fall case to tide your over until you win an out of court settlement or are awarded compensatory damages.

Tractor Trailer Accident Lawsuit Settlement


If you have been injured in a tractor trailer accident, you can start an injury claim against the negligent driver by the filing of a lawsuit. During tractor trailer litigation, you can use a lawsuit loan to obtain a risk-free cash advance on your settlement payout, helping you get back on your feet until your case is resolved.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settlement


Pre-settlement funding can help wrongful death lawsuit plaintiffs by providing them with a portion of their lawsuit payout to cover expenses until their wrongful death claim is settled by their attorney. Also called lawsuit loans, pre-settlement funding is considered a lawsuit cash advance for wrongful death cases.

Workers Compensation Lawsuit Settlement


If you have a pending workers comp lawsuit and need cash now, Nirvana Legal Funding can help. While you're waiting on the money from a workers’ compensation claim, pre-settlement funding allows you to obtain a lawsuit loan no credit check, financially supporting you until your workers comp case is settled by your attorney.