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Pre-settlement funding is a lawsuit financial program that helps claimants get the cash they need during the litigation process by allowing them to take out money against a future legal settlement they're expecting to receive from an injury case that finalizes with compensation damages or a jury verdict.

You can use the pre-settlement advance on your case to pay your bills and cover your financial expenses before the pending lawsuit is settled by your attorney.

If you are considering a pre-settlement cash advance on a personal injury, workers' comp, or wrongful death case, please see the questions with answers section below to learn more about pre-settlement funding and how it works to benefit clients seeking a monetary recovery from a potential case.

What is pre-settlement funding?

Pre-settlement funding (sometimes referred to as pre-settlement loans, lawsuit funding, and personal injury loans) is a financial program that allows claimants involved in civil cases to get a cash advance on a portion of the money they’re expecting to receive from the settlement of a pending case.

Do I need to have good credit?

Our pre-settlement funding company do not use your credit score to determine qualifying for an advance on your legal claim settlement.

What is your interest rate?

Our usage fee, sometime referred to as "pre-settlement funding interest rate," is between 2.5% to 3.25%.

What happens if I lose my case?

If you obtain pre-settlement funding and subsequently lose your case or the attorney does not obtain financial compensation from a settlement or awarded damages, you keep the pre-settlement advance and pay back nothing. Claimants are only obligated for repaying the cash advance if the receive money from a claim that settles. Once your case is successfully resolved, your attorney will pay back the pre-settlement funding company from the proceeds he / she received from the insurance company or defendant.

How long does this take?

The pre-settlement funding process does not take long at all. We strive to offer cash on pending case within 24 hours. As soon as we get your application, we will contact your lawyer for some additional details about your existing case. After we get the requested information from your law firm, the pre-settlement funding underwriter will review the data to determine the amount of money you can review now while you’re waiting from your case to settle. The fast we get some facts from your attorney, is the sooner we can finalize the funding process and get you the cash you need to stay afloat financially. In certain situations, our legal funding company can even offer pre-settlement funding same day.

Do you take control of my claim?

Pre-settlement funding companies invest in pending injury cases by providing plaintiffs with immediate cash prior to settlement, that’s it. We do not take over or assume the handling of your lawsuit. All decisions pertaining to your case is between you and your attorney. Therefore, we do not direct, manage, or control your case in any shape, fashion, or form. When you apply for a pre-settlement advance, the underwriter will review your case. If you are approved, the money is sent directly to you. Once the case has been resolved, your attorney will pay back the lawsuit advance. It’s that straightforward.

What if I already got funding from another company?

When you have already received a lawsuit loan and you’re searching for a different pre-settlement funding company to get an additional lawsuit cash advance on your injury case, you can contact Nirvana Legal Funding for pre-settlement funding buyouts to get a second or even third settlement loan. The lawsuit funding buyout program help cash-strapped personal injury plaintiffs and accident victims get another lawsuit advance prior to the settlement of their case so they can make ends until they get the money they’re expecting to receive when a case settles or from a insurance payout.

Is my case eligible for a pre-settlement cash advance?

The eligibility requirements for pre-settlement funding are really straightforward. If you have been injured in an accident or suffered personal injury and you’ve hired an attorney to pursue monetary compensation on your behalf, you are eligible to take out a pre-settlement advance to get the cash you need before your case is settled or you win compensatory damages from a civil lawsuit.

How do I apply?

When you’re ready to apply for pre-settlement funding, we’re here to make the application process of getting cash before your lawsuit is settlement easy and hassle-free. To apply now, all you have to do is fill out the quick online application form or call the legal funding department by calling (888) 715-8701 to speak with a funding expert who can take your cash advance request over the phone.

How do I get the money?

After you are approved for pre-settlement funding on your injury case, the funds will be sent to you same day. You will have three options for receiving the settlement advance. You can get the money by receiving a check sent overnight mail, Wester Union, or wired to your checking account by bank transfer.

How much money can I borrow from my case?

Nirvana Legal Funding helps clients involved of civil case get cash before their lawsuit settles by offering pre-settlement funding advances from as low as $1,000 to $100,000 while they are waiting to the settlement of an injury claim. How much you can borrow before your lawsuit settlement is determined by the facts of your case and the underwriter’s current estimated value of your case. Pre-settlement funding companies typically advance lawsuit funding of 15% to 20% of the value of the lawsuit.

Do you tell anyone else that I took our a cash advance?

Pre-settlement funding is a safe, private, and confidential financial transaction between you, the pre-settlement funding company, and your attorney. We work directly with your law firm to gather information so we can determine how much money you can borrow against your lawsuit. We do not contact the insurance company or your medical providers for information about your case.

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