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Connecticut Lawsuit Funding

Pre-Settlement Funding in Connecticut in 24 Hours

If you have an ongoing personal injury lawsuit in the state of Connecticut and need help paying your bills now, Nirvana Legal is proud to help clients get the cash they need to pay the rent, car payments, utility bills, and mortgage payments while waiting for their personal injury lawsuits to settle. We know you have pressing financial problems. That’s why our financial institution works fast to help you get the money to pay your bills, living expenses, medical bills, and unexpected expenses such as funeral costs and emergency repairs.

Civil lawsuits in Connecticut don't settle quickly. It's common for clients to wait many months, even several years until they finally recover fair compensatory damages for the injuries they have suffered. For many claimants, the long wait can result in financial disaster.

When faced with an unplanned expense or mounting bills while waiting for your case to settle, borrow money against your lawsuit in Connecticut with Nirvana Legal. When waiting for your lawsuit to settle is not an option, you can get money now until your attorney settles your case. Most Connecticut personal injury plaintiffs who need cash to pay their expenses use lawsuit funding by Nirvana Legal. With, no credit check, no upfront fees, no out-of-pocket costs, and no monthly payment, the process is quick and simple.

CT residents can get started now by completing the short application form for faster processing or calling us toll-free us at (888) 715-8701.


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Lawsuit Loans in Connecticut

Lawsuit loans are designed to help plaintiffs stay afloat so they can avoid financial disaster and continue in their pursuit to win maximum recovery.

For the vast majority of clients, lawsuit loans are usually the best and only financial options available to obtain financial relief caused by a lawsuit dragging out.

Many plaintiffs don't qualify for banking products. Traditional financial institutions such as banks and credit unions have stringent underwriting guidelines. A personal loan from a bank requires the borrower have a satisfactory credit history and sufficient income. After the financial crisis in 2008, many commercial banks stopped lending or tightened up their lending standards, which made it more difficult for consumers to access credit and banking services.

Clients who find themselves short of funds during the litigation process are usually unable to get direct financial assistance from their attorney. In the majority of states across America, attorneys are generally prohibited from lending money to clients. Connecticut lawyers are guided by American Bar Association Rule 1.8 which states that "A lawyer shall not provide financial assistance to a client in connection with pending or contemplated litigation..."

Lawsuit borrowing is the answer for cash-strapped clients who are searching for cash solutions after suffering life changing injuries. With a Connecticut lawsuit loan by Nirvana Legal, you can start the lawsuit loan process during any stage of your lawsuit. In contrast to banks and credit unions, lawsuit lenders do not perform credit check. There is no credit requirements and you don't have to be employed to get the help you deserve during the long drawn out personal injury settlement negotiation process.

Do I Qualify for a Lawsuit Loans on My Settlement?

Learn if you are eligible to get an advance on the settlement proceeds of your lawsuit. If you meet the basic eligibility qualifications & requirements for applying for cash while you wait for a settlement, the underwriter can review your case to determine how much you can borrow from your potential lawsuit settlement.

Here are the simple qualification requirements: 

The injured person is 18 years of age or older

The claimant lives in the United States

You have a civil case or lawsuit

You hired an attorney to pursue an injury claim or file a civil lawsuit

You are considering an advance on your future legal settlement to pay bills, living expenses, surgery costs, medical bills, or cover an emergency expense.

The benefits of legal loans are huge for clients who urgent need money to tide them over until they get the money from an expected settlement.

Legal funding options are available throughout the entire state of Connecticut including Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, Meriden, Bridgeport, Danbury, Waterbury, Norwalk, New London, Ansonia, Milford, West Haven, Norwich, Bristol, Derby, New Britain, Willimantic, Middletown, West Haven, and more!

What Happens If I Lose My Case?

Legal financing is a 100% risk-free program for plaintiffs in the state of Connecticut. If you lose your case, keep the funds and owe nothing. Your attorney will pay back the cash with fee from the proceeds of the settlement you are awaiting from a pending lawsuit.

Can I Use the Funds for Anything?

After you receive the funds, you can spend the money on anything you need. While you are waiting for your lawsuit to settle, you can use the lawsuit cash advance in Connecticut to stay afloat financially until you get the money from your settlement. A cash advance on your Connecticut lawsuit helps you during the litigation process to pay your bills and living expenses. There are no restrictions on how plaintiffs use cash advances on settlements in Connecticut. Many claimants expecting lawsuit settlements in Connecticut use the cash advance to make ends meet and weather the financial storm typically associated with the long, drawn out settlement process.

How to Get a Lawsuit Settlement Loan Today

Nirvana makes it easy to qualify for cash before your settlement in 3 simple steps. If you need to get money before your case is settled, all you have to do is apply for cash now by filling out the short application form below and we'll do the rest. The application only takes about 1 quick minute to complete. If you prefer, you can call the legal funding department during standard business hours (9am - 5pm Eastern Standard Time) and speak with a courteous litigation funding expert by dialing (888) 715-8701.

Here are the 3 simple steps to obtaining fast funds:

Apply online or call (888) 715-8701

The pre-settlement funding underwriter reviews your pending injury case

The pre-settlement cash advance is sent directly to you same day with fast lawsuit funding delivery

Remember, clients are not required to make any monthly payments, and the funds get repaid only if the case settles or there's a recovery from a claim settlement, award, judgment paid, or jury verdict. In the unfortunate event you should lose and not obtain a monetary recovery, keep the cash and owe nothing.


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Most Popular Legal Funding Programs

Car Accident Loans in Connecticut

Loans for car accident victims

Do you have a car accident lawsuit in Connecticut? If you have been injured in a car accident and you're waiting for your accident case to settle, you can get a car accident loan and auto accident loans in Connecticut in 24 Hours. You don't have to wait years until you get the money from your car accident settlement. Lawsuit loans for car accident victims help claimants get their lives back on track before their personal injury auto accident claim settle.

Slip and Fall Lawsuit Loans in Connecticut

Loans for slip and falls

Lawsuit loans for slip and falls in Connecticut help victims of slip and fall accidents get cash before an out of court settlement is reached in a slip and fall injury lawsuit. If you have suffered serious slip and fall injuries because of a negligent property owner or landlord, have a slip and fall case, and need money to pay bills until your case settlement, pre-settlement funding help you get cash in the midst of your lawsuit.

Tractor Trailer Truck Accident Loans in Connecticut

Lawsuit funding for truck or semi accident victims

Lawsuit loans are available to victims of tractor trailer accidents who are in the midst a tractor trailer accident lawsuit in Connecticut. If you have been injured in truck accident crash that was not your fault, hired a lawyer, and are expecting to win a settlement or recover financial compensation from a truck accident case, you qualify to get semi-truck accident lawsuit funding in 24 hours.

Workers Compensation Loans in Connecticut

Workers compensation settlement loans

You can get a loan your workers compensation case in Connecticut in 24 Hours. A workers compensation settlement advance, or pre settlement loans, is a 100% risk-free cash advance on your expected workers comp settlement or claim settled. Workers compensation funding provide financial assistance for injured workers in Connecticut.

A loan against your workers comp case is not a bank loan. When claimants get loans before settlements on worker comp in CT, there’s no credit check and no upfront fees. Best of all, with workers comp advance loans, clients pay back the advance only if they get a workers comp settlement. Connecticut settlement loans for workers comp cases or workers compensation funding is provided to workers of Connecticut with pending on-the-job injury claim.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loans in Connecticut

Wrongful death settlement loans

If you are in the midst of a wrongful death lawsuit in Connecticut, you can qualify for lawsuit funding for a cash advance on your pending case. Wrongful death lawsuit loans in Connecticut help surviving family members & spouses of victims tragically killed due to negligence of another person get cash while waiting for their case to settle.

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