Trip and fall lawsuit pre-settlement funding

Pre-Settlement Funding for Trip and Fall Accidents

Trip and fall pre-settlement funding can help victims of trip and fall accidents by providing them with fast lawsuit cash now. When you’re injured and unable to work, Nirvana Legal Funding can provide you with financial support prior settlement of your trip and fall case. Also called settlement loans, pre-settlement funding by Nirvana is simply a risk-free cash advance.

Unlike other pre-settlement funding lawsuit funding companies, Nirvana offers hassle-free legal lending to people who have suffered serious injuries caused by property owner negligence. There is no credit check and no monthly payment. You don’t have to worry about repayment of the cash advance until your lawsuit is resolved or damages are awarded as compensation for your injury claim.

Trip and fall pre settlement funding.jpgTrip and falls can result in serious injuries. Often, these injuries cause clients to miss time at work and lead to financial problems. Many plaintiffs consider pre-settlement funding as a cash finance lifeline because it allows them to access funds to cover living expenses and unexpected financial obligations while waiting to receive a lawsuit payout.

The requirements are simple. If you suffered financial harm and have hired an attorney to file a claim on your behalf, you qualify for pre-settlement funding today.

To apply for pre-settlement funding and borrow money against your slip and fall lawsuit, begin by contacting us at (888) 715-8701 or filling out the application from online.

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