Auto accident pre-settlement funding

Pre-Settlement Funding for Auto Accidents

If you have been injured in an automobile accident and hired an attorney to litigate your personal injury claim, auto accident pre-settlement funding helps you get the cash you need before your car accident settlements. Lawsuit loans on auto accident cases offer a lending hand by providing instant cash relief while waiting for your case to settle with the insurance company.

Car and commercial truck accident claims don't settle quickly. There are two primary reasons why auto accident victims often have to wait years to receive financial compensation from a settled case: Auto insurance companies routinely drag their feet to avoid paying claims. Additionally, civil courts across the United States have a backlog of cases pending resulting in the justice system moving slowly.

Car accident cases that take a long time to settle can be financially devastating for clients who find themselves short of funds while waiting for case to settle.

When you need help staying afloat during the lengthy personal injury claim process, pre settlement funding provide you with a cash lifeline by advancing you the money you need to pay your bills and cover your expenses before your case is resolved.

Car accident loans advance cash funding to help victims of a car accident get the money they need to cover your auto payments, rent, and more. Qualifying is based on the compensation you expect to receive from your settled claim. You don't pay back the accident loan until you get the money from your case, whether by claim settlement, judgment, or awarded damages through a jury verdict.

You can call or apply online to get legal funding, fast cash with car accident loans available from $1,000 to $100,000 in as little as 24 hours. Pay nothing before your auto accident claim is settled.  No credit check, no upfront fees, no cost to apply.


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The Advantages of Getting Pre-Settlement Loans on Civil Cases

A devastating automobile accident can be life-changing for accident victims and their family members. A motor vehicle collision that causes serious injuries can result in pain and suffering for the rest of your life. Missed time from work is common among car accident victims who have suffered catastrophic injuries. When the faced with insufficient income, the bills can quickly start to pile up while you're waiting for the money from your car accident settlement. With claimants often experiencing overwhelming bills and unexpected financial expenses in the midst of an auto accident personal injury claim, it's easy to understand why injured accident victims nationwide often consider borrowing money against their car accident case.

Car accident loans allow injured accident victims to borrow money against a portion of the settlement proceeds they’re expecting from an injury case. Accident loans provide financial help before you settle the claim. Loans for car accident victims advance cash funding you need while you wait for your claim to settle, providing you with immediate cash to help you pay your car note, mortgage payment, living expenses, rent, vehicle repair, and more.

If you have a good auto accident case and find yourself in need of case during the lawsuit process, rather than having your attorney settle your claim early for a low settlement, you can consider borrowing money from your car accident lawsuit while you wait for your attoreney to negotiate a fair insurance settlememnt for your car accident injuries.

The benefits of car accident settlement loans are numberous for accident victims short of cash during the long claim process. When the insurance company is dragging their feet, Nirvana Legal Funding can offer you funding on a portion of the compensation from a claim settlement so you don’t have to settle your case early for a low settlement offer by the insurance company.

Does My Credit Score Determine my Eligibility

Your credit score does not impact legal funding decisions. Qualifying for a car accident cash advance on your personal injury case is based on the future monetary compensation you expect to receive from a claim settlement. When you need money fast, you can get cash in advance of your car accident settlement determined by the facts of circumstance surrounding your case such as what type of injury your suffered and the kind of medical treatment you received after your accident.

We are not concerned with your credit score or credit worthiness. If you got hurt in a car wreck that was not your fault and you hired an attorney to litigate a personal injury claim, you can contact our financial institution to find more about your legal financing options prior to settlement.

How Much Money Can I Borrow Against the Settlement Expect to Receive?

The amount of money you can borrow from your car accident case is primarily determined by the injuries you suffered and the available liability insurance coverage. We can offer you an accident loan from $1,000 up to $100,000. A cash advance on your car accident lawsuit settlement is based on our estimated value of your case. After you apply for funding, we will contact your attorney from some additional details about your claim so we can determine exactly how much money you can borrow until you recover compensatory damages from you case

Do I Qualify to Get Financial Assistance After?

The requirements to get financial assistance after car accident injuries for cash-strapped accident victims are straightforward. You qualify to apply for financial assistance if the accident was not your fault and after the car accident you hired an attorney to file a personal injury claim, so you can receive financial compensation from the insurance company of the negligent driver responsible for causing the car wrecks that led to your pain and suffering and economic damages.

How Can You Help Me Before My Lawsuit Settles?

All pre-settlement funders are not equal. When you need a fast pre-settlement advance on your pending case from a professional pre-settlement funding company, you need to work with Nirvana Legal Funding to get quick cash before your lawsuit settles. Our legal funding team understands the financial difficulties injured accident victims just like you go through while for the legal process to unfold. With a speed underwriting process, you can get the cash advance same day. Pre-settlement funding can provide you with cash while you wait for a settlement, no matter what the size for case.

We advance settlement funding for many different types of automobile accidents such as:

  • Auto vs Pedestrian accidents

  • Bus accidents

  • Car accidents

  • Hit and run accidents

  • Tractor trailer accidents

  • Uber car accident lawsuit

Apply now if a traffic accident has resulted in personal injury or wrongful death to you or a loved one. In addition to providing a lending hand to injured accident victims, we also provide financial help for surviving family members and spouses involved in wrongful death case. Wrongful death lawsuit loans are cash advances on negligence cases for relatives who lost a love one in a tragic automobile collision.

How to Apply For an Auto Pre-Settlement Funding

To apply for auto accident pre-settlement funding, all you have to do is call us or fill out the brief application below.

After we get your application, we will call your attorney for some information of your case. This will help us to determine how much car accident funding you can receive prior to you receiving monetary compensation from the at-fault driver's insurance company.

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