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Pre-Settlement Funding Can Fund Your Lawsuit

Pre settlement funding provides cash on your pending case in advance of your lawsuit settlement.

If you have been injured in an accident or suffered personal injury, hired an injury lawyer to to recover a monetary payout, and need a cash advance on the funds you're expecting to receive from a settlement, you can qualify for a pre-settlement advance while you wait for your case to finalize.

Nirvana Legal Funding advance pre-settlement funding for a wide variety of case. Clients can get cash while they wait for their attorney to litigate the case for premises liability lawsuits, workers compensation claims, dram shop liability cases, car accident settlements, elevator accident lawsuit settlements, dog bite settlements, construction accident cases, sexual assault lawsuits, wrongful death claims, medical malpractice lawsuits, and more.

  • Bicycle accident
  • Bus accident lawsuit pre-settlement funding
  • Car accident loans
  • Construction accident pre settlement funding
  • Dog bite lawsuit pre-settlement funding
  • FELA lawsuit loans with pre settlement funding for railroad workers injured on-the-job
  • Jones Act pre-settlement funding for maritime injury lawsuit loans
  • Medical malpractice lawsuit loans
  • Motorcycle accident pre-settlement funding
  • Nursing home negligence pre settlement funding
  • Pedestrian accident victim pre-settlement lawsuit funding
  • Personal injury pre-settlement funding
  • Premises liability pre settlement funding
  • Slip and fall lawsuit pre settlement funding
  • Tractor trailer accident lawsuit pre settlement funding
  • Workers compensation pre settlement funding
  • Wrongful death pre-settlement funding

Applying For Pre-Settlement Funding for Your Case

There’s no restriction on how you spend your pre settlement cash advance. The vast majority of clients us the settlement advance to pay their mortgage payment, catch up on bills, pay utility bills, pay back rent payments, cover medical bills, make vehicle payments, and more. The money is yours to use as you see fit.

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