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Personal injury lawsuits in New York state don't settle quickly. If you have a civil case in upstate New York or downstate NY (New York City), you may be waiting a long time until your accident claim is finally resolved, whether by your attorney negotiating a claim settlement or lawsuit jury award.

For many clients years of waiting for your lawsuit to settle can result in financial devastation such as vehicle repossession, eviction, ruined credit, utility shut-off, and more. For plaintiffs who have pressing financial needs, seeking immediate cash relief, Nirvana Legal Funding offers better option to get the money you need. Pre-settlement funding helps you get cash before your case settles by advancing a portion of the proceeds you're expecting from a settlement.

Apply now, pre-settlement loans advances cash funding on pending injury cases from $1,000 to $100,000 in 24 hours.


Pre-Settlement Funding New York

Many plaintiffs are unaware that they can borrow money from a pending personal injury lawsuit in the state of New York. Lawsuit lenders provide hassle-free financial options for clients who find themselves short of cash in the midst of New York personal injury lawsuits. With 19.85 million people in New York State and a considerable backlog of cases in NY City Civil Court, it's easy to understand why it can take so long for an accident claim in New York to finalize. For the vast majority of clients involved in a lawsuit, waiting years to take get the money they are expecting from a settlement can be financially detrimental. If you are faced with an unexpected emergency or mounting bills, you can get financial support now until you get the money from your legal settlement.

Whether you got injured in an accident, suffered personal injury, or have a wrongful death lawsuit, pre-settlement funding can help you get much needed cash relief before your lawyer negotiates a fair claim settlement or secure compensation payout.

New York pre-settlement funding advance lawsuit loans on personal injury cases. If you have a lawsuit or accident claim & need money now, pre settlement funding in New York from Nirvana Lawsuit Funding provides a cash advance on your lawsuit before the case settles. Get funding for your case while you wait.

Pre-settlement funding is a legal financing program that provides you with cash while you wait for a settlement. Lawsuit settlement loans help injured accident victims and personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs by advancing cash funding on a portion of the settlement proceeds or judgment before the lawsuit is settled.

Qualifying for advance funding while you wait for your case to settle or go to trial is simple. If you are currently involved in an injury case, hired a New York personal injury lawyer to pursue an insurance claim or file a lawsuit, have a meritorious case and expect to receive compensatory damages, you are eligible to apply for the cash you need to stay afloat right now before your case is resolved.

Cash funding is nothing like a bank loan or traditional financing. There is no credit check, no upfront fees, and no out-of-pocket cost. Credit unions use your credit score and income to determine if you qualify for a personal loan. Lawsuit lending is based on the client's injury case. The pre-settlement funding underwriter reviews the facts and circumstances of the case to determine how much cash we can advance while you are waiting for your pending lawsuit settlement.

Don't wait until the last minute to get the financial support you need during the long, drawn out litigation process. Plaintiffs across the state of New York have settlement cash. When you borrow from your lawsuit, you can use the funds for anything you and your family need. New York clients have use the advance to pay their car note, pay the phone bills, catch up on bills, pay utility payments, cover their mortgage payments, buy groceries, and back rent, and stay current on child care financial obligation.

To apply for a pre-settlement loan now, all you have to do is fill-out the short application form below and we'll do the rest. The application only takes about one minute to complete. If you prefer, you can also call the legal funding department and speak with an expert by dialing (888) 715-8701.

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