Alabama pre-settlement funding

Pre-Settlement Funding in Alabama

Nirvana Legal Funding helps personal injury victims in Alabama get quick, hassle-free Alabama lawsuit loans before their lawsuit is settled. Apply to take out personal injury settlement loans from a statewide lender that offers AL pre settlement funding on injury cases in your area during any stage of the lawsuit process.

Personal injury cases take a long to settle and can put a financial strain on clients waiting to receive money from a settled case. If you got injured in an accident and have suffered a financial setback, Nirvana can help you get the cash you need today to pay your bill while you are waiting for your attorney to finalize your injury claim.

Pre-settlement funding provides same day cash advance solutions for plaintiffs expecting to receive compensation from a lawsuit settlement but need cash prior to settlement to cover living expenses. Call or apply online to fund fast from company offering fast, low cost pre-settlement loans.


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Pre Settlement Funding Alabama

Alabama Lawsuit Pre Settlement Funding.jpgNirvana Legal Funding specializes in Alabama pre-settlement funding for injured accident victims waiting for their case to settle. If you live in Alabama, have a personal injury lawsuit, and need money before your case settles, you’re eligible to get advance funding on your settlement now, helping you get the cash you need until your attorney settles the lawsuit.

Pre-settlement loans in Alabama help injured accident victims obtain an advance on the settlement money they’re expecting to get from a pending lawsuit. While you wait for your case to settle, you can use the money to pay your rent, car payments, and mortgage payments until your attorney settles the injury case. Pre-settlement funding companies do not place any restrictions on how claimants spend the funds. In fact, you can use the loan on your pending settlement for anything you need to stay afloat financially while waiting for the resolution of your claim.

Does My Credit Score Determine Eligibility for Lawsuit Funding?

The Alabama lawsuit funding program by Nirvana Legal Funding provides non-recourse lawsuit loans for accident victims waiting to receive financial compensation from lawsuit settlements, regardless of credit scores. Lawsuit loans advance funding on injury cases based on the facts of the case and not your credit score. We do not pull credit reports. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit history at all, your credit score does impact the legal funding decision by the pre-settlement funding underwriter.

The Benefits of Lawsuit Loans for Clients Expecting Personal Injury Settlements in Alabama

The lawsuit loan advantages are huge for accident victims awaiting financial compensation from the settlement of a pending injury claim. One of the many benefits of obtaining lawsuit loans is this form of lending allows you to get a low cost cash advance on your case without a credit check or income verification from the lender.

Lawsuit loans are categorized as non-recourse or no-risk accident funding. There is no credit check, no upfront fees, no out-of-pocket costs, and no monthly payments. The lawsuit advance is paid back after you settle your case by the Alabama attorney you hired represent you. If you lose the case, keep the case advance and owe nothing.

How Much Money Can I Borrow Against My Settlement?

Nirvana offers lawsuit cash advances in Alabama from $1,000 to $100,000. When you apply to borrow money against the proceeds you expect to get from the lawsuit, our pre-settlement funding underwriter will review the facts of your case. We approve loans against lawsuit settlements based on the injuries suffered in the accident and type of medical treatment the client received after the personal injury.

You should borrow money against a lawsuit if you find yourself struggling to pay the bills or faced with an unexpected financial emergency during any stage of the litigation process in Alabama, lawsuit cash advances work to alleviate the financial to settle early by providing immediate cash relief. As responsible lawsuit funding company, we recommend clients Take out lawsuit loans sufficient to help them avoid a financial crisis while they wait for their cases to settle.

How to Apply for Settlement Funding During Your Lawsuit

Nirvana makes it simple and straightforward to borrow funds against an anticipated future settlement. To apply for a pre-settlement case advance now while you wait patiently for your attorney to negotiate a fair settlement or your case goes to trial, all you have to do is fill-out the short application form below and we'll do the rest. The application only takes about one minute to complete. If you prefer, you can call the legal funding department and speak with a courteous litigation funding expert by dialing (888) 715-8701. The call is toll-free and you have nothing to lose just for applying for pre-settlement advance consideration.

There are only 3 simple steps to obtaining the cash that you need through pre-settlement funding:

Apply online or call (888) 715-8701

The pre-settlement funding underwriter reviews your case

The money is sent directly to you same day with fast funding delivery

Remember, you do not make any monthly payments. Plus, if you lose your case, keep the lawsuit settlement advancement and pay nothing.


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Loans for Car Accident Victims

Alabama car accident claims don’t settle quickly. If you have been injured in a car accident, a settlement loans can help you get back on your feet before your auto accident case settles. Alabama car accident loans provide instant cash relief for victims of car accidents in Alabama waiting for their case to settle. When a car accident injury results in financial setback, an advance on the money you expect to get from a settlement cans help to alleviate the pressure to settle early for a low-ball early settlement and fight for maximum compensation from the negligent driver’s insurance company.

Funding for Bus Accident Victims

Pre-settlement funding for bus accidents helps injured accident victims get a cash advance on a portion of the money they're expecting from a bus accident settlement. Nirvana Legal Funding provides bus accident settlement loans from up to $100,000, helping you get back on your feet before your bus injury case settles or your attorney wins a judgment from a jury verdict.

Workers Compensation Loans

Get a workers comp settlement loan and workers compensation settlement advance now through Nirvana Legal for a settlement loan and settlement loans in Alabama in as little as 24 Hours, for Alabama victims, legal loans in Alabama are available from $1,000 to $100,000 before settling the workers comp claim or winning an award. If you got hurt at work and have hired an workers’ comp attorney to file an insurance claim, you can get an advance on the settlement money you expect to get from your pending workers comp case.

Pedestrian Injury Lawsuit Loans

Car vs pedestrian accidents can result in serious injuries and financial strain for accident victims. If you are in the midst of a pedestrian hit by car lawsuit and need cash today to stay afloat, Pre settlement funding for pedestrian accident victims provides you a lawsuit cash advance on the settlement money of your claim.

Tractor Trailer Truck Funding

Lawsuit loans on tractor trailer accident cases are a lifesaving financial tool for victims of semi-trailer truck crashes. Truck accident claims don’t settle quickly. Fortunately, Nirvana Legal Funding provide lawsuit cash advances on tractor trailer settlement before the personal injury claim is settled or your attorney recovers pain and suffering compensation from awarded damages.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loans

Pre-settlement funding on wrongful death claims helps to alleviate the financial burden of surviving family members waiting to recover monetary compensation from a wrongful death settlement. If you are involved in a wrongful death lawsuit & need cash now, you can get a lawsuit cash advance on your case by contacting our legal funding today.

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Lawsuit Loan Buyout

Do you need another pre-settlement loan on your lawsuit while you wait for your injury case to settle? The funding solution you need to get more cash is called a lawsuit funding buyout. If you already took out a lawsuit loan with another company and now find yourself in need of an settlement loan, pre-settlement funding buyouts allow you to get a second or even third lawsuit cash advance from a different pre-settlement lawsuit funding company by paying off the prior legal funding lien and providing you will new money until your case settles.