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Pre-Settlement Funding

Lawsuit don't settle quickly. Many plaintiffs have to wait years until they recover fair financial compensation from the insurance company or civil defendant. Waiting years to get the settlement money you're expecting from a pending lawsuit can result in financial devastation, especially if you're faced with overwhelming bills and insufficient income. In the midst of a lengthy civil case, many litigants find themselves struggling to stay afloat financially. If you've suffered a serious injury and economic losses, you may need fast cash until your attorney settles your case or wins a compensatory damages award. Pre-settlement funding provides you with instant cash relief before your lawsuit is settled, allowing you to pay the bills and cover your living expenses while waiting for the resolution of your case.


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Advantages of Choosing the Best Pre-Settlement Funding Companies

The best pre-settlement funding companies make the process of obtaining an advance on your settlement fast, simple, and hassle-free, helping you weather the financial storm and avoid a financial crisis.

Our pre-settlement lawsuit funding company has extensive knowledge and significant experience in civil litigation nationwide. We understand the financial hardship clients are faced with while waiting to receive monetary compensation from a future claim settlement. That's way we make it easy to get money before your case is settled through our pre-settlement funding solutions.

Here are some of the lawsuit funding advantages you can enjoy when considering the best pre-settlement funding company to obtain a quick, low cost, and 100% risk-free cash advance on your forthcoming lawsuit settlements.

Faster Funding, Quick Cash

Pre-settlement funding is a quick financial solution for plaintiffs seeking immediate cash relief before their civil case is settled. Clients searching for fast pre-settlement loans, choose lawsuit lenders that offer fast approval in as little as 24 hours, so they can get an instant cash advance while waiting for a lawsuit to settle.

Simple Funding Process

Pre-settlement funding is the simple, hassle-free alternative to personal loans from banks. There’s no credit check, no upfront fees, no monthly payments, and no out-of-pocket costs. The lawsuit advance is based on the facts and circumstances of your specific case, rather than your credit score and employment status.

Lawsuit Funding Specialists

Experience matters in pre-settlement funding. Clients who choose the best pre-settlement funding companies save time, aggravation, and money. Our lawsuit funding specialists can advance lawsuit loans for a wide range of personal injury lawsuits and accident cases, offering easy approval, low rates, and flexible funding options.

Lose Your Case, Pay Nothing

Borrowing money against a future legal settlement is the no-risk solution for plaintiffs in the midst of a civil case. If you lose your case, pay nothing and keep the cash. Plaintiffs pay back pre-settlement advances only if they receive financial compensation from a claim settlement, jury verdict, civil judgment, or damages award.

Benefits of Pre-Settlement Funding During a Lawsuit

Pre-settlement funding offers many benefits for plaintiffs who find themselves short of cash while pursuing a civil claim seeking monetary compensation.

When you access a portion of your future legal settlement before your case has been settled, you get the money you urgently need to take care of a financial emergency or pay your living expenses during the long, drawn out litigation process.

Borrowing against a pending settlement is a popular financial option for clients who are unable to get financial assistance from banks and credit unions.

No Credit Check Settlement Funding.pngNo credit check
Risk-free Pre-Settlement Funding.pngNo upfront fees to apply
Low rate pre settlement funding.pngLow cost settlement funding
Risk Free Pre Settlement Funding.pngNo-risk, no pay funding
Pre-Settlement Funding Same Day.pngSame day settlement funding
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How Pre-Settlement Funding Works

Looking to apply for pre-settlement funding but want to learn more about the process? Find out how pre-settlement funding works and how you can apply for the cash you need to make ends meet before your case is settled.

Whether you’re considering taking out a pre-settlement loan to pay your rent, car note, utility expenses, insurance premium, vehicle repairs, mortgage payments, medical treatment or surgery costs, pre-settlement loans are a cash financial lifeline for plaintiffs who are drowning in bills or faced with unexpected financial expenses.

What's pre-settlement funding? Pre settlement funding is a financial program that provides immediate cash relief for clients that expect to get money from a pending civil case but need financial assistance prior to settlement. Plaintiffs commonly use settlement loans to pay their bills and living expenses or to cover unexpected financial obligations until they receive the settlement money they’re awaiting from a settled lawsuit.

With a pre-settlement loan, you are not selling away your lawsuit and do not sell off a case. Furthermore, your credit score and income are not factors in determining your eligibility. Pre-settlement funding companies make their underwriting decisions based on the current estimated value of a case.

Depending on the facts and circumstances of your lawsuit, you can borrow $1,000 to $100,000 before the claim settlement. Your attorney will pay back the lawsuit cash advance after the case has been resolved and upon receiving the settlement proceeds from the insurance company or defendant. If the case does not settle, you are not required to repay the pre-settlement advance.

There are only 3 simple steps to obtaining the cash that you need through pre-settlement funding:

Apply online or call (888) 715-8701

The pre-settlement funding underwriter reviews your case

The money is sent directly to you same day

Remember, you do not make any monthly payments. If you lose your case, keep the lawsuit advancement and pay nothing.


Settlement Funding Process

Pre-Settlement Funding Reviews

Pre-Settlement Funding Reviews.jpg

We take great pride in the positive pre-settlement funding reviews from clients throughout the United States. What distinguishes our pre-settlement funding company from other companies is the fact that we combine some old school values with new school innovation. It's because of our customer centered approach that our financial institution has such excellent customer reviews from pre-settlement funding clients. With fast lawsuit loans, low interest rates, flexible lawsuit funding terms, and professional lawsuit funding specialists, we are committed to delivering the best customer service experience for clients.

Tiffany R.

"The staff was helpful, and the pre-settlement advance provided me with the money I need to cover my living expenses while my personal injury lawyer is negotiating a settlement out of court with the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company claims adjuster."

Antuan S.

"After I got injured in an auto accident, I couldn’t return to work and my income wasn’t enough to pay my bills. I needed cash fast, so I asked my attorney if I could take out an accident loan to get some cash to hold me over until my case gets settled. He told me I could apply for auto accident pre settlement funding and provided me with a funding source to call. I called and explained my financial situation and the representative took an application right over the phone. I received a call the next morning letting me know I was approved for the funding. The process was really simple. I appreciate all the help and friendly service."

Thelma M.

"If I would have known that it was possible to borrow money against a settlement, I would have applied a lot sooner than I did. My slip and fall injury left me in a financial bind. The bills were piling up, my car required transmission repair, and I was placed on full disability by my orthopedic doctor. The slip and fall lawsuit was taking an emotional and financial toll on me and my family. My neighbor told me that it was possible for personal injury victims to take out pre-settlement funding for slip and falls so I searched google and called a few companies. I decided to go with your company because you seemed genuinely concerned about helping me. I was surprised but very happy when I got a call back the same day letting me know that I was approved for the pre settlement funding advance. Thanks the help."


Pre-Settlement Funding - Testimonials

Pre-Settlement Funding Requirements

How to qualify for a pre-settlement loan?

You can qualify for pre-settlement funding during any stage of the settlement process. Plaintiffs can get a pre-settlement loan during the pre-litigation phase or after the attorney has filed a lawsuit against the negligent defendant seeking monetary compensation.

A pre-settlement advance does not depend on your income or credit score. Rather, qualifying for an advance on your future legal settlement is based on the facts and circumstances of the pending civil case. Here are the eligibility requirements to qualify for pre-settlement funding in order to obtain a fast cash advance before your lawsuit is settled:

You are 18 years of age or older.

You live within the United States.

You have a workers' compensation, personal injury, or wrongful death case.

You hired an attorney to represent you and pursue a civil claim on your behalf.

You are considering a pre-settlement lawsuit cash advance to help pay your bills and expenses and alleviate the financial stress until your case is finalized.

Apply for a lawsuit settlement loan today if your life has been turned upside down because of a catastrophic injury that has caused you to incur significant medical bills, overwhelming expenses, and loss of earnings. Pre-settlement funding provides you with the financial support you need during the long litigation process. Whether you have suffered a suffered a soft-tissue injury, broken bone, herniated disc injury, received pain management treatment or underwent a surgical procedure, you can apply now to qualify for a cash advance on your future settlement from $1,000 to $100,000.


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Pre-Settlement Questions and Answers

Get the answers to frequently asked pre-settlement funding questions:

Does my credit score matter?

Pre-settlement funding is the hassle-free alternative to a bank loan. You do not undergo a credit check to get a pre-settlement advance while you’re waiting for your lawsuit to settle. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, you can still qualify to apply for a risk-free, non-recourse pre-settlement loan today.

Low cost pre-settlement funding

Pre-settlement funding can end up costing you a lot of money if you choose an unscrupulous pre-settlement lender. Although funding companies do not offer interest rates as low as banks and credit unions, you should still shop around to find a low interest rate pre-settlement funding. Keep in mind that not all cases will qualify for the best rates. The lowest cost pre-settlement funding rates are usually reserved for preferred lawsuits wherein there is good liability, significant injuries, and sufficient liability insurance coverage.

What happens if I lose my case?

Pre-settlement funding is a 100% risk-free financial program designed exclusively for plaintiffs and injured accident victims. If you lose your case, pay nothing. Pre-settlement funding is not a personal loan. You are receiving a cash advance against a portion of your future settlement money. Pay back the advance only if you win the case is settled.

How long does this take?

When you choose a competent, committed, and experienced pre-settlement funder, you can be approved for the lawsuit cash advance within 24 hours / one business day. The process of borrowing money against a pending settlement does not have to be long and drawn out. Our goal is to deliver fast funding so you can get the money you need quickly. If your attorney is available and cooperative, the entire process can be finalized rather quickly. To speed things up, please let your attorney or case manager know that you are applying for a pre-settlement advance.

Pre-settlement funding buyouts

Pre-settlement funding buyouts allows you to get another lawsuit loan to pay your bills while you’re waiting for your case to settle. If you already took out a pre-settlement loan from a different funding company but you now need a second or even third lawsuit cash advance, we can buy out the existing funding lien and give you new money through buyout pre-settlement funding.

Same day pre-settlement funding

When you find yourself in dire need of money during any stage of the personal injury settlement process, you can apply to get same day pre-settlement funding while you’re waiting for your case to settle. Our pre-settlement funding company provides fast lawsuit cash advances so plaintiffs can get settlement loans same day.

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Flexible Pre-Settlement Funding Options for Plaintiffs Nationwide

You can get a pre-settlement loan for whatever type of civil case you have pending. Whether you are expecting to receive money from a personal injury lawsuit, premises liability lawsuit, insurance claim settlement, workers compensation case, defective product lawsuit, or car accident lawsuit, we have the best pre-settlement options for clients seeking to borrow against future lawsuit settlements.

Our financial institution has provided legal funding solutions for plaintiffs and injured accident victims throughout the United States. As a full-service funding company, we offer auto accident loans, trip and fall lawsuit loans, Jones Act lawsuit funding, medical malpractice lawsuit loans, ceiling collapse pre-settlement funding, cash advance for workers comp claims, nursing home negligence lawsuit funding, pharmaceutical lawsuit pre-settlement funding, pre-settlement funding for hit and run lawsuits, wrongful death lawsuit loans, car accident cash advance, product liability pre-settlement funding, and pre-settlement funding for tractor trailer accidents.

Auto Accident Pre-Settlement Funding.png

Auto Accident Settlements

Auto accident claims can take years to settle. If your injuries have caused you to suffer a financial setback and you need money before the settlement of your auto accident lawsuit, pre-settlement funding can help you get money today. Loans for auto accident victims provide immediate financial relief, allowing you to pay your bills until your case is settled.

Medical Malpractice Pre-Settlement Funding.png

Medical Malpractice

If you are in the midst of a medical malpractice lawsuit, pre-settlement funding can help you get instant financial relief before your case is settled. Medical malpractice pre-settlement funding for pending cases provide plaintiffs with fast cash advances against expected medical malpractice settlements and verdicts.

Bus accident pre settlement funding.png

Bus Accident Settlements

Bus accident lawsuits don’t settle quickly. If you got injured in a bus crash and need a settlement advance on your bus accident claim, you can obtain an accident loan to tide you over until you get the money from your expected bus accident settlement. Pre-settlement funding for bus accident lawsuits provide fast cash advances for accident victims before their cases resolve.

Workers Compensation Pre-Settlement Funding.png

Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that provides medical benefits, lost wage replacement, and financial compensation for permanent injuries. You qualify for workers comp pre-settlement funding if you got hurt on job, hired a lawyer to file a workers’ compensation claim, and need a cash advance on your workers comp settlement today.

Pre-Settlement Funding for FELA Lawsuits.png

FELA Lawsuits

Pre-settlement funding is available for railroad workers who have suffered serious injuries while on-the-job. You qualify to apply for FELA lawsuit loans today if you got injured as a railroad employee and are expecting to receive compensation from a FELA settlement. Funding provides immediate financial assistance, helping you get cash before your FELA case is settled.

Slip and Fall Pre-Settlement Funding.png

Slip and Falls

A slip and fall lawsuit cash advance is designed to help victims of slip and fall accidents get immediate financial relief before they settle or win their slip and fall case. If you suffered a slip and fall injury and need money today, pre-settlement funding for slip and falls can provide you with a fast cash advance against the money you’re expecting from a slip and fall settlement.

Pre-Settlement Funding for Truck Crashes.png

Truck Accident Crashes

If you were injured in a truck accident and need cash now, truck accident pre-settlement funding can help you borrow money from a pending truck accident lawsuit. Pre settlement funding for truck crashes is the fast financial option for victims of commercial truck accidents seeking cash advances on future legal settlements.

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding in Personal Injury Cases.png

Personal Injury Lawsuits

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding in personal injury cases is available nationwide for victims who need cash today they wait for their injury claim to settle for fair pain and suffering compensation. If you got hurt because of someone else’s negligence and hired an attorney to filed a lawsuit against responsible party, pre-settlement funding for personal injury cases can help you get money before your case is settled.

Wrongful Death Pre-Settlement Funding.png

Wrongful Death

Do you need an advance on the settlement money you’re expecting to receive from a wrongful death lawsuit? Wrongful death claims don’t settle quickly. If you are a surviving family member in the midst of a wrongful death case, pre-settlement funding provides you with an instant cash advance while you’re waiting for your case to settle or the payout from a wrongful death damages award.